Snowden was right: USA has listened to phones of three French presidents

Francois Hollande demanded explanations personally from Barack Obama. The French president called the American colleague on phone. It is curious that Obama did not begin to disprove charges of the wiretap. However, promised not to do more so. For Washington similar scandal — not the first. To still U.S. intelligence everything escaped punishment. But now dissatisfied voices sound already in the USA.

Scandalous charges took the White house unawares. In fact, there do not disprove leakage of WikiLeaks, the press secretary of council for a natsbezopanost specified in the written statement that “the USA do not watch and will not watch communications of the president Hollande”. And how about a past tense? About it words. Then that the NSA listened to both Chirac, and Sarkozy, and Hollande — information from Snowden, as always, is exact.

For this reason flight of the employee of agency of national safety caused an original hysterics in Washington 2 years ago. From the USA threats to the countries of the whole world fell down — only try it to shelter at yourself. The same in a categorical form was demanded and from Russia though the contract on mutual delivery of suspects with the USA is not present.

According to the instruction from America closed even air space in Europe for the warranty plane of the president of Bolivia. The liner possessing inviolability forced to landing in Vienna and searched — thought that there Edward Snowden hides.

Impudence of total shadowing of Americans after its exposures the whole world was surprised. It became clear that with assistance of Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand — English-speaking reconnaissance union “5 eyes” — the USA in a month intercept 125 billion various messages, the most part — abroad.

Snowden declassified the program of the NSA of Prisms — it allows to extort messages, calls, all personal information of hundreds of millions of users from servers of such giants as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. Besides, he told that the USA took under a cap United Nations headquarters, OSCE, OPEC and IAEA, representation of the EU in the USA and about 80 more embassies.

He exposed the wiretap of mobile phones of the German chancellor Angela Merkel, the president of Brazil Dilma Russef and the president of Mexico Enrique Pena Neto, shadowing participants of the summit of the big twenty in 2009, and also breaking of communications in China and penetrations into internal networks of producers of the computer equipment and sim cards. He opened that espionage of the NSA is conducted even in popular computer games and mobile applications.

“I think that each American to whom the way home is closed, would have feeling of loss. I can and lost opportunity to move on the world, but I also got that at night I can sleep peacefully because all made correctly” — the former employee of CIA Edward Snowden told.

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